Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My OWLS are featured in STRINING magazine!!

Happy New Year! - a few weeks late!!

It has been a whirl-wind past few months, moving, finishing up my last classes working toward my degree and adjusting to being jobless.  It has been difficult.

The day after my going-away / farewell party at my work, the company my husband worked for - Genesys - laid him off.  The day after I left my job.  Bastards!

In anycase, aside from being angry and sad, I am trying to make the most of it by creating more, working, meeting new friends in San Diego, taking in as much clean air and blue skies as I can.  It can be a challenge.  I graduate this weekend, I have been looking for a job for weeks, with no bites at all.  To say that the American economy sucks is an understatement.  No one is hiring.

Enough about why I've got the blues...  Let me snap out of it - as my mom used to tell me all the time.

What's New at Urban Bead
Perfect Square pendants and Barbie!!!

Lovely no??  Such a fun Barbie piece featuring a vintage 1980's barbie drawing.  Too cute!!

Most recently, I have been featured in STRINING magazine - in the Beads to Buy section.  This month it is OWLS!

All of the Owl pendants on line 2 are mine!!  Thanks Stringing!!


On a Roll said...

So fun and exciting to be in a magazine!! The pendants look great! :)

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Congratulations! Your owls are adorable :)