Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Golden Poppy in Alpine

It is nice to see your handiwork inside of a store - for sale!
The Golden Poppy is a brand-spankin' new store in Alpine (my current town of residence) and it features artwork from local San Diego artisans. It is very strange hearing the word "artisan" apply to what I do, but it's true, I guess...

Here is my little corner of the shop, a bookshelf that is not completely populated yet with my whimsical jewelry and art frames. The shop owner Lori, seems to think that my necklaces and such will be a hit. I hope so!

I need to add more, but my friend was here over the spring break and bought almost all of my pieces, so I need to make some more. Lori and I will be switching the display up a bit to give it more POP! She has such beautiful Navajo and American Indian pieces there, we will see how my whimsical stuff fares.

Wish me luck!

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