Thursday, October 2, 2008

Milestone - 500 transactions on Etsy!

I wanted to acknowledge that I finally reached my goal of 500 transactions on Etsy as a seller. That means that I have sold 500 items from my shop, Urban Bead. I originally had planned to meet this goal by December 2008.

It came early! I thought I would do so many things, like BLOG about it, tell my loyal customers about it, give away a free prize, etc, but it all happened so fast! Just today, I reached my 555th transaction.

I've been busy.

School is as difficult as it ever is, I am taking business finance, e-commerce, and my final project this semester. But, hey it's my last semester!

I have also told my employer that I will be leaving in December. My husband was offered a great career opportunity and it is taking us to San Diego, CA. I am excited, but also nervous. The good news is, I will still be able to run Urban Bead, since it is not a brick and mortar store! haha!

My next goal is to meet 777 transactions. 777 is my lucky number! With any luck for my memory I will be able to have much fanfare for my customers about that one! I am giving myself until February to meet that goal. I think I can do it too!


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