Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I love most about Halloween

If it wasn't so freakin' hot over here, you would actually think it is Fall.  Jack o' lanterns, fake cob webs, trick or treat candy, scary movies on the tv, it's all there.  I can't believe that this day light savings time will be it forever too!

No more "springing ahead" or "falling back".  
Well, as if all of this would matter, I'll be stuck in class tomorrow night.  Sam will be at home dishing out candy to pranksters and punks.

In a way though, tomorrow is like a treat for me.  You see, the class I am taking tomorrow is the LAST class I need to tak in order to finish my degree.  It is called Business Seminar, we do a group project or something like that.  I guess I will find out all about it tomorrow.  It is nice to know I am only a few months away!!  Happy Halloween!

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