Monday, May 11, 2009

Etsy Business Topics - Intro

After taking some time, I have come up with a list of topics that I want to cover in my weekly blog posts. It's a growing list, as I will add to it as I think of more ideas, or as others email me suggestions.

Here is the list of
ETSY Business Topics

- Pictures that are worth 1,000 words or clicks

- Improving your shop: 3 key points to get people shopping

- Item descriptions

- What not to spend money on

- Build your own resources

- To Twitter or not?

- Myspace and facebook

- Google base

- Google analytics

- Should I make my own website shop?

- Turning a one-time buyer into a repeat customer

- Craft sales – in person promotion and sales

- Pricing

- Building Feedback

I think this is a good start. The topics will not be in order, since there are some I want to cover right away, and others that I need more time to continue researching.

Again, I am in no way affiliated with Etsy or Ebay, other than being a seller on both venues. I am blogging about my experiences alone, and do not claim to be some sales or Etsy guru.

What I am is a person who took her hobby of beading and jewelry-making and turned it into a growing small business. It was not overnight, it took and still takes lots of work (more and more every day)! I have an undergrad degree in business administration, and I am working toward an MBA degree, specializing in Entrepreneurship.

I am open to comments and suggestions, I welcome ideas for this blog, this space is really for sharing ideas to help small business grow.

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