Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions About My Pendants

Here are some frequently asked questions that I get almost daily. I thought putting them together on a F.A.Q. might help anyone who is interested. Happy reading and thanks!

Q. Are your pendants waterproof?
A. Yes, all of the pendants I make are waterproof. The photos / art / designs are covered with a professional grade resin / varnish and will protect the image and keep it intact with no displacement.
Q. How do you come up with the designs?
A. I make pendants from artwork or images that I like. If I would wear it, then I make it. Sometimes a customer will give me ideas if I am working with them to create a custom design, but for the most part, I pick out the designs I like.

Q. Is it difficult to make resin pendants?
A. Not at all. It is a fairly easy process. There are so many tutorials and out there, and I also have one that is quite popular.

Q. Can you make a pendant from an image I give you?
A. Yes. Right now I make pendants in both circle and square shapes, as long as you email me the picture, I can create a pendant. The turn around time is 1 week.

Q. Are your pendants like a scrabble tile pendant?
A. The pendants I make are different than the scrabble tile pendants. First off, my pendants are larger in size (see below), scrabble tile pendants are made from tiles, my pendants are made using metal bezels.

On the left is a scrabble tile pendant, in the center is a round pendant and on the right, a square pendant both made by me.

The scrabble tile pendant has the image set on top of the tile, with the resin or varnish coated over it. On my pendants, the image is set at the bottom of the bezel, with the resin encasing it, protecting the photo for years!

Q. Where are you located and do you have a shop that I can drive to?
A. I live in San Diego, CA, USA. I do not have a shop, I sell only online. I do have a list of stores that carry my jewelry that you can visit. That list is here.

Q. Do you offer classes to learn to make resin pendants?
A. Not at this time. I will be offering some basic jewelry making classes during the Summer. Due of the nature of resin, it is difficult to find a location that is well ventilated enough to hold a certain amount of students plus the fumes / odor from the resin.

Q. Which is your favorite design?
A. I like all of my designs, however I am very excited about my new Black Swan pendant. It is new for Summer!

Thank you for taking time to read my FAQ. I will be adding more Q's as I remember them.

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