Monday, March 23, 2009

GMAT TIME! Here I go...

Tomorrow I am taking the GMAT exam. I am very nervous, and actually listening to a Data Sufficiency recording as I am writing this. Maybe, just maybe I might be able to cram another piece of information in there!

Sam is really sweet, he is not watching TV tonight since I am *studying*. He also took care of dinner and is being just super-supportive as always! He wants this MBA almost as much as me (if not more).

My sister was over this weekend. We had fun hanging out, shopping for shoes (Nine West) and playing Rock Band - she is now our official drummer! LOL I actually played both the guitar and drums, taking a break from being the lead singer. haha. I can't sing to save my life, but it is addicting! We stopped by the grocery store to pick up some snacks and outside those damn cookie vixens were selling their thin mints, tagalongs and samoas... My sister could not resist, they had a 5 for $20 deal, too easy! So, my sister picked up 5 boxes and then left three of them here!! OMG! I have been alone all day with thin mints!

It was great time - she took us to a new restaurant we had never been to - Rockin' Baja in Old Town SD. Very good food - even better margaritas! Lots of people, great location and vibe too.

It rained here on Sunday, so it was a little chilly, but we still had fun.

I am working on some new pendants, mainly square shaped. One vintage anatomy image, some old color illustrations, a new Marie Antoinette portrait and a very sweet bat girl vintage image.
I will make sure to post them soon!

Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow - I will be testing for 4 hours! :O(

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SueBeads said...

Hey, how did the exam go?