Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mapety Map

I have finally finished up my series of map pendants for California.  I made one of Los Angeles a while ago, and now I have added both San Diego and San Francisco.
These are all taken from a group of antique maps created by Perry Castañeda , the world-famous cartographer in the early 1940's.   

The colors are so vibrant on these, they really do stand out.  It was difficult narrowing it down to which areas of these maps to highlight.  I think it worked out well, I may revisit the San Diego map again, see if I can add Alpine to it! LOL

I am also thinking about doing other maps as well, Austin, TX, Portland, OR, New York, NY, and some others I am still considering.  In anycase, these new projects will need to wait until April.  I am going to be taking the GMAT exam and I am completely anxious about it.  I am doing a review nearly everyday, but the math part gets me down.  Wish me luck!

My sister is coming down to visit this weekend, it should be fun.  Maybe I can interest her in doing some modeling for me.  We'll see.

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