Thursday, March 19, 2009

MoMoMerlu and Backsides

I have launched another Etsy shop named MoMoMerlu. It is a shop were one can find unique, one of a kind jewelry. It is a little pricier than what I have got in Urban Bead, but since these are unique, limited and signed pieces, they are more like wearable art than anything else.

So far, I only have one item in stock...

It is an owl piece. Made with white painted and textured leather shaped into a wing. I have wire-wrapped turqouise beads along the outside of one of my favorite owl pendants that I made for my other shop. I have rosary-wired brown crystal beads and antique copper ovals to make the chain on the right side and the chain on the left is antique copper. Very nice piece, fun to make!

I feel that I have gotten away from really creating unique pieces, and moved into more of a manufacturing role, which makes me both grateful and curious. To curb my longing for something ooak, I have handpainted the backsides of my pendant bezels!

I went a little crazy. I am not sure that I will be sending these out in my orders just yet. These are kind of a fun thing for me to experiment with. I might save these for friends or myself. I always have wanted something on the reverse of my pendants, since the backside looks so bare and naked. I might experiment some more to see what works.

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