Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Craft Sale Madness!

I just wrapped up a four day craft show right here in town at the historic Alpine Women's Club.  The sale was a big success and I was able to meet lots of local folks!  Here is a pic of my table (below)

It was a lot of fun, and I made some extra cash, so my only complaint was that it was soooo cold!

  Above is a pic of my pendants that I was selling.  Best sellers were birds, cats, cowgirl, and keep calm and carry on.  My very cute Easter pendants didn't sell as much as I had hoped, so I will be putting those up for sale on Etsy today.

Sam and I made some stepping stones last month and we tried to sell those as well.  We sold 2 of them for $40.  I am glad they have found a new home!

There is also another craft show coming up in May that I will be at, it is called the Sage and Songbirds Festival.  It is also here in Alpine.  I also learned about an art market that is opening up in Descanso in May, every Saturday.  I might look into that.

A great thing about craft shows is the exposure you get.  I had a woman who has worked as a buyer for Nordstroms for over 15 years come up to me and tell me that I need to raise my prices!  She also said that she was going to be opening up a shop in Alpine and wanted my pendants in there!  Said she was going to showcase local artists.  Cool.  We will see if it pans out.

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