Friday, March 20, 2009

Repenting for food sins and New Packaging for Necklaces!

It's 1 pm on a Friday during the Catholic season of Lent, and where are all of the heathens at?
They are all at Phil's BBQ eating lunch!  I seriously must have died and gone to BBQ sauce heaven!  I ordered the Broham sandwich, which is made with BBQ pork shoulder and a delicious sauce.  Yum!

It's a pulled pork sandwich served with coleslaw.  Sooooo Good.  That was our first time at Phil's, I am glad Sam wanted to have lunch there.

Today was also good in that I finally came up with a simple packaging for my necklaces.  Check it out below...

My sister is coming tomorrow!  I am very excited!  She is coming to town and we'll be off to do some shopping at the outlets and then dinner somewhere special in Downtown or the Gas Lamp, or maybe here in Alpine - there are so many good eateries in town.

Sam brought home a bottle of Absolute Los Angeles Vodka.  It is the same old Absolute made with Acai, Acerola, Pomegranate and Blueberries.  There are some great, simple drink recipes to make.  Check them out if you like Vodka drinks.

Etsy has been a little slow lately.  Not so many customers, or maybe it is something I need to rethink.  I have recently raised my prices to include the cost of a chain necklace with each pendant.  Besides, since I am not working full-time, I look to my Etsy income more and more now.  Doesn't help that supplies are getting more expensive also.  

I wonder how other sellers have dealt with making changes to their prices and how their customers responded?

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